Representing the interests of the
European contract catering sector
FoodServiceEurope welcomes newest member to association, NHOSH
16 January 2023
FoodServiceEurope is delighted to welcome our newest member to the association, the Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade ( NHOSH ). NHOSH...
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FoodServiceEurope submits Annual Report for the Code of Conduct
02 May 2022
On the 29 th of April, FoodServiceEurope submitted its first annual report to the Code of Conduct for Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices. The report is part of our...
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EBSA publishes statement on CSRD proposal
14 March 2022
The  EBSA, of whom FoodServiceEurope is a member, published a statement on 14 March on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive proposal. The statement outlines the EBSA's...
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FEDIL Catering joins FoodServiceEurope
04 March 2022
FoodServiceEurope is delighted to annouce that FEDIL Catering has joined the association as a member. FEDIL is a multisectoral business federation giving a voice to Luxembourg’s industry...
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FoodServiceEurope commits to promoting more sustainable food systems
05 July 2021
FoodServiceEurope signs today the Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing...
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Incentivising healthy lunches for employees through appropriate fiscal policy on fringe benefits: position of the Contract Catering Sector
November 2019

Position adopted during the General Assembly that took place in Brussels on 28 Novelber 2019.

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Position on the European Commission Proposal for a Directive on unfair trading practices in the food supply chain
June 2018

FoodServiceEurope believes that fostering fair contractual relations amongst all actors in the supply chain is essential to provide high-quality, safe, and affordable food to consumers. Therefore, the contract catering sector supports balanced initiatives to strengthen the position of farmers and SMEs in the food supply chain. However, any initiative at EU level has to be justified and proportionate in order to achieve this stated objective.

The Commission’s proposal for a Directive to address unfair trading practices in the food supply chain does not sufficiently consider the specificities of the contract catering sector and its unique position in the food supply chain

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Position on a Circular Economy
September 2016

The European contract catering sector is doing its part to support clients who choose sustainable procurement.

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Position Paper on the reform of the EU Public Procurement Directive
March 2013

FoodServiceEurope asks both the European Parliament and the Council to rethink their approach in the course of the Trilogue Negotiations to ensure public procurement will effectively guarantee quality and value of services provided.

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Position Paper on the Future of the EU VAT Regime
March 2013

FoodServiceEurope believes that reduced rates are of utmost importance for securing jobs and growth and would not create an obstacle to the proper functioning of the internal market. Reduced rates are also desirable as they fulfil the public policy objective of increasing food access to lower-income earners.

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Position Paper on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers
September 2008

FoodServiceEurope urges the European Parliament and Member States to amend the proposal in order to avoid the extension of all mandatory information requirements listed to non-pre-packed food served in catering units and to keep the current regime unchanged.

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FoodServiceEurope signature of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Business and Marketing Practices
July 2021


The Contract Catering Sector is committed to the EU journey towards more Sustainable Food Systems

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Major European hospitality industry stakeholders call for stronger focus by the EU institutions on the sector’s recovery
May 2021

FoodServiceEurope, along with 10 other associations and trade unions representing the European hospitality industry and its value chain warmly welcome this week’s discussions at EU level on the survival of the sector. The joint statement reiterates the groups calls for the setting up of a hospitality Task Force to discuss the impact of COVID-19, and deliver a roadmap for the recovery. We still believe this to be essential to grant a faster and solid recovery.

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For the Strategic Deployment of Contract Catering in the Aftermath of COVID-19
September 2020

FoodServiceEurope's Call to Action outlines the key role that the contract catering industry can play in Europe's economy recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. It calls on the EU to take concrete action in the areas of public procurement, taxation and sustainability to ensure that the industry can operate as effectively as possible.

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Model School Food Standard
May 2017

FoodServiceEurope has adopted its ‘Model School Food Standard’ during the General Assembly that took place in Vienna on 19 May. This new FoodServiceEurope policy provides food and nutrient based standards for food served in schools, as well as recommendations for a healthier school environment. The Standard was developed as guidance for contract catering operators and all actors involved in the provision of food in schools in the EU in the context of FoodServiceEurope’s participation to the EU Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health, a forum where stakeholders adopt commitments that contribute to tackling childhood obesity.

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Two pager on our new Model School Food Standard
May 2017

For a quick glance of our new proposed standard for food in schools accross Europe, check the two pager below.

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Agreement on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Contract Catering sector
October 2014

This agreement on CSR in the European contract catering sector intends to set voluntary minimum standards in a number of key areas including training, health and safety and working conditions. A revised Agreement to replace the text signed in January 2007 was adopted during the Social Dialogue annual Plenary Meeting of 6 October 2014.

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FoodServiceEurope response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the review of existing legislation on VAT reduced rates
January 2013

FoodServiceEurope welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the European Commission’s review of the VAT rate structure and appreciates the fact-based approach the Commission is taking.

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Food Hygiene Training for All training tool
October 2012

This online training tool was launched by FoodServiceEurope and EFFAT to provide a qualification for food handlers in the contract catering sector. Food Hygiene for All addresses the lack of resources available to SMEs, which are often unable to invest in specific in-house food hygiene training, and contributes to the professional development of workers in those small and medium sized contract catering companies.

Visit Food Hygiene Training for All 

European Guide to Good Practice for Food Hygiene in the Contract Catering Sector
May 2009

This guide takes account of the requirements of the EU framework Regulations on Food Hygiene and Guidelines documents, as well as the general and specific principles of the Codex Alimentarius.

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Brochure: Healthy Eating for a Better Life - Contract Catering Fights against Obesity
January 2006

FoodServiceEurope members recognise the need for a global strategy on diet and healthy lifestyles, where all stakeholders take their responsibilities and work in partnership.

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EU Platform Commitments
January 2006

FoodServiceEurope encourages its members and contract catering companies to adopt and implement general nutrition recommendations based on a number of key principles.

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Guide to the Economically Most Advantageous Offer
January 2005

The aim of this guide is to assist public and private purchasers of contract catering services in their efforts to organise a tendering process that will result in the selection of the economically most advantageous offer.

Visit the Guide here.

Agreement on vocational training in the European contract catering sector, concluded between ECF-IUF and FERCO
January 1999

FERCO and the ECF-IUF consider that the European level is most appropriate to periodically examine the evolution of training needs in catering, initiate joint action and, where appropriate, make joint recommendations.

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